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Orthodontic aligners

Ivo Dentech Ltd produces clear plastic orthodontic aligners for private dental practices in the London area. Get in touch today to find out more about what we can offer.

Clear plastic aligners

Clear aligner systems have been around since the late 1990s, having been developed by Stanford University students. Their product, Invisalign used a series of removable clear plastic devices to discreetly and gently realign the teeth of adult patients. An almost invisible way to straighten teeth, clear aligners – also known as clear braces – work by slightly altering the position of your teeth with each successive aligner.


There are currently a wide range of invisible aligners available on the market, and Ivo Dentech Ltd aim to provide you with the right solution for your patient. By using the latest digital technology, we are able to create incredibly precise models of each patient’s teeth, manufacturing aligners based on this model. These orthodontics are lightweight, convenient, and comfortable, so your patient will be able to enjoy the benefits they offer without discomfort, or altering their lifestyle to account for the treatment. Our expert team are able to offer an industry-leading service at a competitive rate.


Our clear plastic orthodontic aligners are suitable for healthy teeth that only require minor adjustment, and we will require full arch upper and lower scan impressions or silicone impressions, a silicone or wax bite, and a completed lab prescription form. To find out more, please contact the team today

For more information about our orthodontic aligners, contact Ivo Dentech Ltd’s London office today.
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