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Ivo Dentech Ltd provides a wide range of dental products for dental practices across London and beyond. We are specialists in digital dentistry. Get in touch today.

Exceptional quality as standard

Thanks to advances in the technology available to dental labs, modern dental products can be produced to previously impossible quality standards. We believe in ongoing training and investment to take advantage of the latest technology, providing you and your patients with the benefits it brings.

dental crowns

Crowns and bridges

We can manufacture crowns and bridges to very precise specifications, ensuring that they perfectly fit your patent’s mouth. We have a range of options when it comes to materials and all crowns and bridges are of the highest quality.


Our dentures include a full range of high-end prosthetics and associated appliances, all made to be natural looking and comfortable for the wearer. We also offer a repair service on request; please contact us for details.

oman holding a teeth sample or prosthesis at the dentist.jpg
A photograph of a dental skeletal prosthesis

Combination work

Combining fixed and removable restorations can provide your patient an appliance that is comfortable and removable but not loose. This is an ideal option for many patients, and something that we are proud to offer.

Orthodontic aligners

Orthodontic aligners can offer your patients an effective and discreet way to straighten their teeth and regain confidence in their smile. We provide a range of aligners that are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Woman holding an orthodontic aligner
Close up of dental model with implants

Dental implants

We can supply dental implants from both digital impressions or traditional impressions, providing you with high quality implants that will meet your patient’s needs. We use the latest technology for the best results every time.

For more information about the dental products we can supply, contact Ivo Dentech Ltd in London today.
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