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Crowns and bridges

Ivo Dentech Ltd manufactures crowns and bridges for private dental practices. Based in London, we use the latest technology in order to offer the very best results every time.

High quality prosthetics

At Ivo Dentech Ltd, our crowns and bridges are made of quality materials, including EMAX, zirconia, and metal. Every prosthetic is manufactured here by the in-house team of experts that make up our crown and bridge department. This dedicated service ensures that you and your patient receive a quality dental product every time your practice chooses our fast and reliable service for crowns and bridge work. To discuss your practice’s requirements, and to find out more about our crown and bridge manufacturing service, please contact the team today. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

If you need crowns or bridges for your patients, choose London-based Ivo Dentech Ltd for excellent results every time.
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