About Ivo Dentech Ltd

Ivo Dentech Ltd is a Dental Lab aiming to provide the best dental treatments by means of utilising the latest digital technology for our restorations. In this current time dentistry is being revolutionised by digital advancement and Ivo Dentech main goal is to implement digital technology provided by the globally established dental supplier Ivoclar Vivadent. With this latest equipment we can minimise human error and manufacture the highest quality of dental restorations. We create positives experiences for both you and your patient; finding the best solutions with exceptional clinical quality is what we strive for every routine and complex dental case. Our goal is simple: consistently
produce natural looking restorations to restore confidence in your patients smile.

Our Service Pack

This pack includes:

Our Service Pack

  • Dental Surgery Consultation

  • Shade Taking in Lab

  • 3-Year Guarantee (Only on All-Ceramic Scan Cases)

Why Choose Us?

Our team work closely with clients to provide the highest quality of the aesthetic and reconstructive work through attentive and personalised one-to-one services. To achieve an excellence in everything we do, we continuously invest in the most up-to-date and revolutionary dental technology and systems available on the market, including:

Why Choose Us?

  • 3Shape Ivoclar

  • IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime

Our drive to excel and comprehensive knowledge puts our lab among the top establishments in the UK’s dental industry. Hence, we guarantee the finest calibre products and services. A partnership with us has proven to be a true asset for our clients, and this includes dentists and their patients, with the results achieved leading to continuous and productive professional relationships.

Dental technology is changing rapidly and Ivo Dentech Ltd is proud to be at the forefront of this ever-changing field. To provide the highest level of precision and quality and reduce room for errors in our work, we employ only the newest, state-of-the-art digital equipment.

At Ivo Dentech Ltd, we aim to achieve a 100% satisfaction rate among our clients. Our digital processing centre enables us to provide the most productive solutions to meet our customers’ needs and requirements, all while utilising the most innovative methods and materials.

Furthermore, our team of experienced professionals, who are in charge of the most sophisticated digital technology and equipment on the market, also provide guidance and support our clients through every step of the fabrication process, applying their exceptional skills and knowledge.

Ivo Dentech Ltd is happy to help our clients to embrace the digital era in dentistry. Nevertheless, we promise is to work with our clients throughout every case regardless of file format. We process any type of files ranging from traditional models and standard impressions to digital files.

Our Range of Services

The services we offer include:

Our Range of Services

  • Treatment Planning and Consultation

  • CAD/CAM Design

  • Cutting-Edge Milling Systems

  • Digital Printing

  • Digital Quality Control

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